Friday, 20 November 2015

お家改装小物。作った物、買った物。Things we made and we bought.


It has been winter here completely. It was -2 degrees form last night to this morning. Burrrr! but it's a beautiful day today!


Since I improved my diet and eating habit around 4 years ago, I rarely get sick. Though only once a year around Christmas I got a flu in last 2 years.As well it came to me a little earlier in this year in November. However, it was not too bad for flu for me because I usually get only 2 days of very hight fever and get over. (This year I got a bit longer aftermath though.) I always imagine it as like self-creaming of the oven, the method that turn it on with maximum heat and burn all dirt off. So in my body, my immune system fully works to get lid of all of dirt, such as cancerous cells every body creates thousands of them daily, and my immune system terminate all of them. So it's not bad. Even our naturopath doctor said that we need to get sick every once in the while to let our immune system to train. That's sound interesting. 

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Well, from here, it about what we made and bought. 


We attached wood shutters to a window where face to an outside path. My husband picked discarded palettes and made it out of that. My role was of course painting as well. It can be doubled in two in the middle. We also ordered a couple of pretty cast iron handles for them. Can't wait to put them on. 

And I made small ornaments, like wreath, out of twigs picked outside. 

I think it matches with corse surface of reclaimed wood. Very rustic. 


We put lights around a window on the side of the house. It used to be an outside lights for the veranda of our former house. I doubled it and it's perfectly fits to the window. 


This is also my hubby's work by my strong request to put all his tools scatters around the house. I was  dying for it! The room is finally organized and I feel so good! He also made it out of reclaimed wood.


I told him that a simple design was fine due to accelerate the process, but he made it fancy. 


It was not really in return but for my hubby who is crazy about mushrooms, lol, I bought them for him to put on top of his cabinet. I found them it the fashionable near by shop and instantly thought that would be perfect for it. 

This is also my request to my husband to make.

My paint box which fit perfectly on top of a shelf. 

I can take it down to the desk to start painting immediately like this. I won't waste it. 

I bought it, of course. A bundt cake mould. 


Since I painted a image of the cake on the sign board for the kitchen, I have somehow obsessed the cake. And I wanted to bake it by myself so bad. So I finally got a mould. Yay! I'm going to bake a cake very soon!


This is just a pic of dinner last night. Another crazy colour of dinner which I love, beets pesto spaghetti. 

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