Tuesday, 5 January 2016

白の世界。ビクトリアに小旅行。The white world. Our small trip to Victoria.

It was snowing from the night before last night to the morning yesterday. It was the first piling snow here.


However, interestingly our world was much whiter before that snow for few days before. It was hoarfrost. The street on the way to Langley centre was very white like this. 

The roof of the barn was covered by frost, not snow. It was mesmerizing. 

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Well, I'm going to write about our small trip, 2 nights and 3 days to Victoria, Vancouver Island in the very end of last year. People tend to misunderstand that the capital city of BC is Vancouver but it's actually Victoria, even Vancouver is bigger, busier, and more urban setting. Although I went there few times before, this time was the first time that I was realized how charming Victoria was.  

About to go on board a ferry. 


A top cabin we sat. There were a cafe, a restaurant, play areas and work spaces too.

BC ferries are going through between many mall islands located between mainland and Vancouver island for about one hour and half. The sea is usually calm. 


We heard an announcement that some killer whales were around the ship so we jumped out to the deck. They were right there and I was so grateful with that encounter. Then when I was realized that I forgot to take any picture of them, they were already far away. In my picture, a tip of its fin was barely shown above water on the red circle. lol. Too late!


This was the hotel we stayed. It called Swans, located the middle of downtown close to China town. The hotel had old charm and uniqueness. We loved it!

Cute building of it. 


My husband chose the hotel and the reason was that... The hotel was also running micro brewery and the ground floor of it was a pub. The photo was taken from the pub sunroom toward upper floors. 


The city owned a lot of the old and beautiful architecture where were used as fashionable shops, cafes and restaurants. I didn't notice it so much before and I was excited about it in this time.


Look at the cool building. An atmosphere of the city was different from busy, contemporary, businesslike, high-rise glass towered Vancouver downtown. 


Victoria's symbol of the Parliament of BC and the Empress hotel. Still wore Christmas lights after Christmas but usually in Canada, the decorations are taken off in the new year. It was more like Disneyland. 

Famous FAN TAN Alley in China town, the narrowest alley in business. 

Night view of China town. 


The main purpose of that trip was to see my husband's cousins. We were going to the restaurant where our reunion lunch was happening. And it turned out that the location of that address was the combination of the streets where own the same name as where we live.  Fort and Langley. lol


Brothers of cousins, their partners who live in the Island,  and us. They are all fabulous people as well as his mother, brother, and all relatives who live in Netherlands and Italy. I'm so lucky. 


They took us to the old Dutch bakery cafe after lunch. The bakery was established in 1956 and seemed like nothing has changed since then. Even I, a Japanese, felt somehow nostalgia. They were excited as Dutch-related people.  We bought some cookies and I found those looks and taste were also nostalgic to me. Many of basic Japanese-Westren culture came from Netherlands and Portugal around 400 years ago, wasn't it?  So some famous, long standing Japanese-Western bakery in Japan adopted that way. That was why I felt nostalgia as my childhood tastes as well, so I could share the excitement with my sweet Dutch people there. How interesting! 


On the last day of the trip, we managed to catch up with my friends couple who I used to hang out with often in Vancouver. Since she has married to a Canadian guy and moved to Victoria, we were kind of like lost connection. They took us to popular cafe in between downtown Victoria and the ferry terminal. I had their recommendation of eggs benny. They also kindly invited us to they fabulous house for tea. It was a short time but the quality time. Catching up with those who we have no much chances to see usually was the best part of the trip. It was one of good ones as well. 

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