Tuesday, 6 December 2016

ブログさぼり過ぎでしょ。夏の終わりから秋にかけて記録として。I'm too lazy for my blog! memories of the end of summer and fall.


I have been too lazy with my blog since the middle of the summer. It's already in the winter here. It's shame! I should record some of events I experienced in the summer and the fall now.

Our first tomatoes were harvested a lot in the summer and the bugging of fall. We enjoyed them so much.


We drove to Portland OR to visit my dear friend, and also enjoy their craft beer there in the end of August. Actually Vancouver is number 2 destination of craft beer after Portland in North America apparently. My friend since my childhood was just has moved to Portland from San Francisco, so I'm so happy to have a close friend in the distance of drive-able. It was only for one weekend but had so much fun and was yummy!


The place I live hold a lot of markets and events as one of a touristic destinations. That one was a food truck festival. Yummy!


The yard of our neighbour,  Fraser Vally Cider Company. My favourite is a Raspberry infused pink colour one. 

I don't know what is this but it was displayed right in front of a boutique and I found it so adorable! 


Annual big event of the village,  Cranberry festival. It was raining hard in the morning so when we came out to the festival site in the noon (one minute distance!), it was not too busy as usual so we enjoyed it a lot. What we got was a cranberry pie from our favourite local bakery. 

年に一度秋口に、ビクトリアのドリフトウッドブリューイングから少ない量だけ出荷される、生ホップを使った「サトリハーベスト IPA (インディアンペールエール)」をついに今年始めて手に入れる事が出来て大満足。過去2年はレストランのみで味わい、酒屋さんで見つける事は出来なかったもの。とっても風味豊なんです。

We finally got some of our best beer, called Sartori Harvest IPA from Driftwood brewing, Victoria. It is provided only a small lot once a year in the fall because it's made with fresh hops. We tasted it only in the restaurant in last couple of years. 

It was Japanese thing "Callicarpa Japonica"! I didn't know that it could be seen here too.  
What a colour!!


The restaurant newly opened in the village, called Little donkey, The burrito shop. Fancy looking first food restaurant but their ingredients are also good and local, and everything is made in the house.  And it of course tasted good! 

May be a blueberry field. leaves turned into autumn red and so beautiful.


We went to my brother's solo exhibition in October. His things are very high-end so I can't afford them even as a family member though. I hope he's business to flourish well. 

Fraser river as well.  The river surface was almost covered by low hanging fog, and it means the winter is right in the corner. 

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