Tuesday, 17 January 2017

最近作ったジュエリー、進行中の編みぐるみ。My latest handmade jewelry and progressing crochet stuffing animals.


It's been raining from yesterday. It seems like that the extremely cold, unusual Canada like winter is fading here. Welcome back rainy days, the typical pacific northwest weather. Is that good or what?


Well, I haven't talked about my pieces for a while so here are some. 


I made one necklace with a clear green stone before and now another person asked me to make the similar one for her. I was happy but a problem is that it's often difficult to find a same colour of stone when it comes to natural earth stones. I showed her a stone in green that was totally different but equally unique. Fortunately she liked it so I made one of the kind for her. It was also difficult to find the same coloured small stones for the set of earrings. I made them somehow and she liked them. 


I saw this kind of design online sometime before and I was inspired and arranged it on my own. My friend asked me to make them for her so I did it again. However, I usually twist and swirl wires for the detail, like a improvisation, in progress, so every time cannot be the exactly same, which is good. On the other hand, with the nature of it, I had to straggle to make pair of earrings the fairy same to each other. 


I made this design as earrings before and I got the order it as a necklace in this time for her mother. 


This one was to just use the stone which I have had for a long time. It's mine so far. I have one more same kind of stone so I will make different design with that soon. 


I made one on the left to cheer my friend before. And this time, on the right was ordered by a sweet guy for his wife and his daughter for Christmas gifts. I picked different beads which were suitable for each unique blue agates. Since they were natural, colours and patterns were always individual.  


It was for a Christmas gift from me to a customer often uses my serves. I just asked her of her favourite colours and picked right beads from my collection to make. Don't they look yummy? 


They are just simple, good to everyday uses type of earrings for myself. If you have a bunch of these in different colours that would be useful! 

From now on,  the pictures are in progress projects on mine. 

Process photo of an Amigurumi, a crochet stuffed animal. 


Done for one. I'm still exploring the right way to go, like not too cute, may be sweet and chic...lol. It was supposed to be a cat but the ears setting was a bit off? Making right face was even more difficult so I posted the pic of it like that on my private FB.  And  soon after that someone offered me to buy it! So I will go with its eyes as her preference. 


I showed her two possibilities of the face and She picked round eyes with embroidery instead of buttons because they wouldn't be good for a new born baby. And surprisingly another person asked me to make a second one in different colour as a rabbit for her daughter. I'm so grateful. 


And another thing in progress. I originally planed to make a stuffed animal which involve a long process -crochet wool for parts, wash them to felt, stuff and sew, and needle-felting for a nuance...-. I'm aiming to make this toy as not really toy-ish looking. lol. Upper pic is felted head and ears, and in lower pic, red body and arms are not washed yet. I'm excited! will see!

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