Monday, 10 August 2015

美しい海辺のひと時。One beautiful evening at the seaside town, White Rock.


On Friday evening, we wenn to White Rock where the seaside town in the next city from us. It was spontaneous decision so we din't have any reservation though. 

Charlie Don't Surf という変な名前のレストラン。

The weather was fabulous so it seemed like all restaurants' patios were packed alone Marin drive.  However, we luckily got a patio table in this funky restaurant called Charlie Don't Surf -funny name!-.

All restaurants on the street have this this kind of narrow patio there. Dinning outside is very common in Canada.

This Tuna tataki salad was fantastic!

Took a walk to the pier after dinner to enjoy the view which was changing by the minute. 

After sunset I found that a bunch of sea gulls started landing on the water. I wondered if they sleep like that? 


Before we got back to our car, we stopped for ice cream. This big one was a single scoop! There was double and triple scoops on the menu so I wanted to see how triple scoops look like. lol.

It was an ordinary yet so beautiful summer evening. 


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