Monday, 31 August 2015

自作の絵にフレームを作って飾る。嵐、夏は終わった?Putting my paintings. A storm, the end of summer?

去年のクリスマスマーケット用に描いた小さな絵 (10 cm x 10 cm) の売れ残りに夫がフレームを作ってくれたのでて飾りました。

I asked my husband to make frames for my small paintings (4" x4"), which are actually leftovers from last Christmas market. 


So I put them like this. Aren't they good there? By the way, your order is always welcome! lol. 
Other pieces (paintings, furniture, jewelry and more) are on the link below. Please check it out!

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Well, while I was getting a bit lazy for my blog, the summer has gone!?  I haven't even written about my friend's pool party yet, but the temperature right now is 15 c and heavy rain. Chilly~~~~!!
We are okay with rain because we had lack of water for whole summer due to no rain at all. flowers and lawn were dead and wild fires were everywhere.
However, it's bit too extreme! A big storm hit metro Vancouver in past weekend.


We had no power in the village from Saturday morning. Wind was so strong and the streets were messed by tear down brunches and leaves. 
We went to see if the farmers market were running anyway. It was a bit before noon, the venders were taking down their tents and about to evacuate from the storm. We barely caught a vegetable farmer and got some of nice veggies and fruits.
After that we had nothing to do without electricity including Wifi,  and tuned out that we had even no connection of cell phone at all so headed to the city to seek power. The way to the city was very messy with big bunches and fallen down trees. It took long time to reach centre if the same city. 


Fire fighters were very busy. I though that that chaos happened because of the country side but actually 500,000 customers of BC hydro had no power in all metro Vancouver including Downtown Vancouver. Seattle seemed to have the same problem.



Though it was like that, here was still peaceful rural area, we couldn't help stopping by a flower farm to get a nice bunch of flowers.  lol.  One bunch was $5. cheep!

We spent almost all day in the heart of Langley where had power and all businesses were running normally. And when we got back to our house in the night,  the power was back for us. However, some other areas, even some part of downtown Vancouver had no power till Sunday night. 

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We went to a reclaimed furniture, and art sell at a private house on Sunday. We got some nice goods. I will introduce them later on here. 


After that we went to a restaurant in Langley airport for lunch first time. It was nice greek food.


The air port was apparently for small planes. There are a pilot school and plane museum there too.

This iconic old plane was beautiful! 


And also stopped by a nursery to get some plants and a pot for interior. (I will post pictures of the when I arrange them nicely later. )

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The bouquet was displayed nicely.

Even summer has gone, our strawberry is still doing good!


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