Thursday, 14 April 2016

最近作ったジュエリーや家具やら。Recnet creations of Jewelry and furniture.


I haven't published my blog for a while. How have you doing?
Well, I'm gonna introduce things my husband and I (as Something Nice) produced recently here today. 


They are wool beads I have been making little by little lately for my new project will start from this fall. I can't wait how it will be going from now.

これはご注文頂いた iPad Mini 4のケース。鍵編みしてから熱いお湯でフェルト化したもの。フェルト物はこれからのシーズンにはちょっと暑苦しいかとも思ったのですが、タブレットのケースだけは、フェルトがプロテクションとして機能するので1年中行けるかな、と...どうでしょうか。

That is a commission of a iPad Mini4 case, made out of wool and crocheted and felted. I thought of all my felting stuff was a bit too fuzzy for the season from now on, however, those tablet cases would work all year long because of the nature of the felt well protecting devices. How do you think about it? 


The back side was different colour. The button was by my husband. 
I, personally like the idea that organic materials and design for modern technologies. And I also aim to design something unisexual. 


I had a big, about 4cm rose quartz so I made a pendant out of it. I didn't use any cold colour metal for my jewelry till now but I feel right about it lately. 


One of my customer had a gemstone and ordered me to turn it into a necklace. I had never used that quality of cut and polished gemstone before so I was a bit anxious to treat it. I managed to make it like that though. It was a new, good experience and I appreciated it. 


Another commission necklace with a name together. I aimed to design something like lovely and sweet yet a bit complex like girls' mind. Lol. 

When you wear it, it looks something cannot be ignored. 

This one was commission too, a chic metal and glass beads bracelet. The heaviness of it actually feels good on your wrist. 

At first I was a bit puzzled how to weave but soon I got use to and managed it in fairly short time. 

They are simple hoop earrings with small pearls. 

It's big but graceful because of nature of pearls. 


I always like this kind of neckless with small charms hanging so I made it with stones and beads I already had. 


A commission plant hanger that mainly my husband designed and built. The design didn't meet our country style house but the condo of the customer was contemporary and sleek so it well fit. And many of her furniture was made of black walnut so was that. 


And I was responsible to make the hanger part of it,  so I was taking a whole day to wove a macrame. I was satisfied the way it looked. 


The same costumer also asked my husband for her piano table as well as a wine rack with black walnut. Multi- functional furniture is good for a small space. 


It was like a swiss cheese a bit and so unique. The costumer seemed really like it so we were happy too.
Those creations are produced as SOMETHING NICE by my husband and I. There are many other stuff on the link below. Please check it out!

Lastly,  they were flowers of apple tree. The spring is flourishing!

↓クリックしてくださいね〜!ありがとう!!Thank you!!
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