Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Air plants / good custom to be healthy


It's raining today. This is the oldest carriage house in our property. Despite of that importance, we use it as our storage. lol.


On my way back from my errand I stopped by the pretty green shop.


And then I got them. Now they are being soaked. I had 4 air plants and make 2 died :( So this time I will take better care of them.


I took a bath in the morning the first time in this house. The tub is shallow and old so I feel a bit reluctant to use it though. But it was like a ritual to start over all of my healthy customs again, from today. 


There are a lot of excuses why I haven't done any stretching, oil pulling, trampoline, like because of the moving, renovation, don't know where the thing, no place to put a yoga mat, too dusty and too crowded, so on so on... but today is the day I will get all good customs back. If I write (type) so I have to do so. Okay?

This is an important topic to me so I will write about it more specifically later. 


Well, Why I try to write in English here is also for my brain health. My psychology professor said that dealing things with foreign language is one of the most effective exercises to prevent brain deterioration due to aging process. 

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