Friday, 30 January 2015

A peaceful Friday. Coffee with a friend.


It's a peaceful Friday afternoon. It was a bit cloudy at that time but look at this pattern of the sky over the liver!


It was very sunny earlier. The church on my way to the cafe, where I was gonna meet up with a friend, was charming under the very blue sky. She came to pick up the earring I made for her sister. I appreciate it!

Blacksmith cafe. このClafoutiっていうカスタードのお菓子がお気に入りです。チェリー入り。彼女も同じ物を。楽しく話に花が咲きましたね。

This is my favourite sweet called Clafouti. Yummy! We had an interesting conversation over coffee and sweets.






The air plants I bought the other day are displayed like that. Since we are keep on renovating our house, everything is just temporally displayed but I am satisfied in that way with the air plants.

It took 2 weeks to get a guy who measure our kitchen countertop yesterday and it will take 3 more weeks to be installed. sigh. I want my kitchen!!

So renovation, renovation! lol. My husband is like a contractor (even a plumber) and I'm kind of a designer. My actual tasks now are painting, cleaning, organizing and making a small stuff such as cushion covers. I've just decided the design for them and writing this before I start to sew them together.

I dream about the day I proudly post all "before and after" photos.

Have a good weekend!

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