Monday, 2 February 2015

Weekend, house renovation


My hubby came back with flowers on Friday. The life with flower make you feel richer (not financially though) although it is in house renovation chaos.


This weekend is all about house renovation. My task is painting on the bead board  witch is going to be the ceiling. It was tougher than it look to paint nicely in side of all those grooves. 


Meanwhile I am painting outside, my husband is working on the coat/shoes closet which is used to be a 2nd bed room (now is my office) closet. 

Closing inside and


 opining outside. Lower part is going to be for shoes drawers. A frame, a door a crown moulding are attaching soon though. It takes almost entire weekend. House renovation is very time consuming. 


Dinner at Fort Pub. Torches are attractive.


We usually have more health diet which is veggie main but this kind of things are satisfying sometimes especially after you work so hard physically. I like that most restaurants in town is likely to be healthier than average. Some shops offer salad for the side of your burger instead of french fries. That's a good thing. 


More renovation is happing for all coming weekends!

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