Tuesday, 10 February 2015

At an art exhibition . 弟の個展にて


Today's Fraser river. It's 4 o'clock on Tuesday, temperature is 12. It's so warm for February. 
I am attracted to the tiny church on the other side of the river bank. 

And a shot of the other side of the bridge. It's more romantic than the blue sky, isn't it?

The Element of Surprise ILLUMINATION by Seiji Kuwabara In Element Designs
Feb 6th to Feb 22nd  2015
At VISUALSPACE Gallery, 3352 Dunbar St, Vancouve

We went to my brother's art exhibition opening reception on Saturday.


If I make a comment as an artist myself too,  It was very sophisticated, high-end looking and yet powerful pieces which I was impressed by.  As a sister who has been seeing his growth as a artist (as a man as well? lol)  it was very interesting. I still remember his early junky pieces. He is now my senior artist since I was just finish art school and haven't been exposed so much yet. I should say, well... I respect him as as ARTIST! lol. That's true. I actually was, well still is a graphic designer as well. 


However, he has gotten a luck to married to a fabulous woman who is also his business partner. Her talent raises him up to more than he could be, I guess. Successful artists need such things besides their own talents. Off course the talent comes first though. 


The gallery is also very pretty place where makes me wanting to have my own exhibition someday. I actually told so to Mis Y.O, the gallery owner and she encouraged me to do so :) Everything can be my motivations.


It was nice to see many friends there at a reception and some of them were who I hadn't seen for a long time. We went for dinner to Tairyo ichiba in Burnaby with some of them after that. All fish was so fresh and delicious. One thing of lots of goodnesses of metro Vancouver is a quality of food. Japanese cuisine has already been a part of a culture of this city. Everybody loves Japanese food!

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