Monday, 23 February 2015

Home and Garden show at BC place, a cafes and a restaurants and a creepeire.

It's a nice weather today too! The view from my bedroom. Tall trees and the blue blue sky. It's 13 degrees now.

Our weekend activities and food we had are below.

金曜日の夜は、近所のLelem Arts and Culture Cafeで。ここのメニューはユニークでヘルシーでオーガニックです。ターキークラブハウス、ブッロッコリースープ付き、とチキンとほうれん草のサラダ、ゴートチーズ、ブルーベリービネグレットをシェア。サンドウィッチがすばらしかった。

Friday night. It was at a neighbourhood cafe called Lelem Arts and culture cafe for dinner. Their food is unique, healthy, and organic! We had a turkey clubhouse with broccoli soup and chicken, spinach, and goat cheese salad with blueberry vinaigrette. The sandwich was outstanding. 


On Saturday, we went to Home and Garden show at BC place Vancouver. Since we have been working on our house renovation, we were expected so much from it. It was fun to look around but It turned out that not really useful for us.


After that, our dinner was at Locus Restaurant on Main street. This restaurant was also unique and we liked it very much. First dish to shear was a charcuterie plate. It was delicious as well. I like especially pork and pistachio pate.


My main dish. Black cod on top of coconuts rice, grilled veggies and bamboo shoot are aside. It was creamy yet aromatic. I love this kind of south east asian flavour. 


My husband ordered a vegetarian spring rolls with veggie and fruits salad dish for his main. It was his favourite spicy taste.  Even vegetarian dish it was rich in taste and satisfying. 


In the Sunday morning for the breakfast, we went to a neighbour crepe shop for the first time.
It a small and cute shop called Ritual Creperie (borrowing photos)


It seems to be owned by elder couple. I heard that there are many french background people live around this area. I'm not sure but this shop was like very French for me. In fact, someone greeted to the owner "Bon jour!" from the street. Interior is cute and rustic. 
We had a hum and cheese savoury crepe and a simple cinnamon sugar with lemon sweet crepe. And they are much better than I expected. Very delicious!


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