Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rainy day, tiny progression of renovation


It's raining again so no pictures taken from outside. I haven't gone out at all.


My husband attached those buckets organizers (?) for me to my office wall. They are from IKEA but aren't they cute?  


Continuance from yesterday...reforming the coat/shoe closet at the hallway. We are finished the bottom part for shoes. My husband is so handy and I appreciate it! We can save a lot of money without using any contractors and carpenters. He even came up with the idea that making those shelves slidable like drawers. This way is easier to reach any shoes deep inside. 


I forgot to post a photo of "before and after" of where the closet is used to be. Fresh new white paint make everything deferent. A white cabinet is actually for children's room from IKEA again. It is good size for my tiny office. I already love my office even it is still long way to go. I need another box storage under the desk, shelvings, putting right fixtures, ceiling panels, crown mouldings and a wind treatment! Such a small space need a lot!! I don't want to compromise to much.


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