Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's day activities バレンタインズデーにした事


Today's Fraser river. It's a sunny Sunday, feels like real spring. People start to row canoes.


Birds are swimming the other side of the bridge. It's too far to recognize what kind of bird.


It was a Valentine's day weekend. We had a dinner reservation at a popular restaurant in Langley on Friday night.  (we couldn't make it on Saturday even It was a week ago we called. ) So I made a cheese cake for my husband while he was working, and he come back with a bunch of (Faux!) roses and nice chocolates. It was so obvious to me but he asked me if they were fake flowers. Because he picked them up from water at the flower shop he wasn't sure. That's funny story to me! lol and what a weird flower shop. Anyways, I was still so happy what he had done to me.


Here, The fat cow and oyster bar, where is our favourite. Despite that the restaurant is in a shabby industrial area of Langley, "it could be also popular in downtown Vancouver" quality.  So good!


Because we had that seafood platter for 2 which included a lot of crabs with shell and a bit of lobster too, we were almost mute. And I have a problem with sticky, duty hands always but it was so delicious anyway. 

さて、翌日、バレンタイン本番の土曜日。バンクーバーダウンタウンに住む両親を訪ねました。夫は今年に入ってまだ一度も彼らに会っていなかったし、母が足を怪我しているので、バレンタインとお見舞いもかねて。Fort Langleyの新しいカフェ、Blacksmith bakeryで素敵なケーキをいくつか買って、一緒に食べようと言う企画で。写真はお借りしました。このカフェのケーキは本当に美味しい!日本人好みな味です。両親も美味しい美味しいとペロっと食べてしまいました。良かった。

その後はライトを探しに、South Granville を歩き回り。

On next day, the actual Valentine's day,  we went to visit my parents in Vancouver.  Since my mom has been having her ankle fracture, we went there for saying "get well soon" as well as a Valentine's greeting. And also my husband saw them first time in this year so for him "Happy new year!". We got some beautiful cakes from Black smith bakery cafe in For Langley (I borrow the photo)  for us to have tea together at parents'. The cakes were so good which even my dad could eat a lot (he doesn't have so much sweets usually). The cafe's taste is suitable to Japanese tongue.

After we leave my parents' we went to South Granville to look for some light fixtures.

でも戦利品は、Pottery Barnで小さなデザートプレートと、West elm Marketで琺瑯の計量カップでした。良い感じです。

However, what we got were some small dessert plats from Pottery Barn, and enamel measuring cups from West elm Market. Love them!


And this, a toy box ? lol. My hubby made it for me. This would be an extra storage, stays under and a corner of my office L shape desk. A printer is going to be sat on it. It's mobile with casters at the bottom. 

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