Tuesday, 17 February 2015

春爛漫、可愛いお客、ペンキ塗り。Spring has come, a cute visitor, painting painting!


Today's Fraser river.  Despite being close to the evening, it's still so bright! It's spring for sure!  I went out with only a T-shirt and a thin hoody wearing. It was no problem at all.


The crocuses at the gate of our complex. They are so beautiful.

時々遊び日来てくれる2軒となりのわんちゃん。家の玄関外で待っててくれました。名前は一回聞いたんだけど忘れちゃった!英語の名前を覚えるのは未だにちょと苦手かもです。私たちは彼(だと思う)をTalking dogと読んでいます。私たちを見つけると、面白い超えでクークーフガフガ言いながら寄ってきます。そんなの聞いた事なかったから本当に面白いの。

Our cute guest. He (may be) is from 2 doors away form ours who visit us often. Since I have a problem remembering English names, I don't remember his name either. (Actually my husband too! and he is a native English speaker though. lol) So we call him "Talking dog". When he finds us, he makes peculiar coo noises as if he is taking to us. I've never heard such noises from any dogs and absolutely love it!


Well, I was painting alone in this morning again as well. A bead-board for the ceiling and faux brick panels for the wall. Because our house is small, we plan to paint almost everything in white. We aim to make it like French country cottage style. Will see.

これがもとの ニセ煉瓦パネル。煉瓦はもとより、煉瓦タイルも重すぎて、お値段も高すぎて、家の薄い壁とお財布の危機になるので、これにて妥協。白く塗ると本物と見間違いますよ!と思います。

This is an original faux brick panel. The real ones and brick tiles are both too heavy for our thin wall and too expensive for our thin wallet. When it is painted in white, it looks for real, I guess. So this is good compromise.


I was waring my sunglasses during the painting but my head is a bit pounding now. Painting a white panel under the bright summer like sun is too much stimulation for my eyes which are like a bear's who just woke up from hibernation. 

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