Thursday, 19 February 2015

ちょっと変わったメニュー。お家改装進行中。Unusual menu. Renovation is progressing.


For the record.  My unusual menu for dinner for last couple of days.


First is a quinoa and nuts beets pesto salad. I used left over beets pesto for the pasta form previous day. Colour is wicked, right? It's very nutritious. 


Next is a salmon and tofu filling wonton ravioli with spinach cream sauce. That taste and texture were better than I though. I made the filling for originally cabbage roll for the previous night and used the left over as well. The looks is not really fantastic on this photo but actually the salmon filling worked better for this dish than the cabbage roll. 


And the last, a bamboo rice. I just steam it but look at this colour! I found this green rice at the neighbour super market. A 2 cups amount of small package says that ingredient is just organic white rice and bamboo extract. I enjoyed its bamboo aroma. It had been a long while I cooked and ate white rice even it looked green because I usually steam organic brown rice.


In addition, this is a merengue and passion fruit tart from my favourite cafe, Black smith bakery. Yum. 




My husband came back home before noon because he had not much tasks to do yesterday (It happens rarely). So he worked on our house renovation project the rest of day. I had a lunch arrangement with friends so I excused myself from the construction site. My friends were a fire department right next to my house for their children's pre school field trip in the morning. We went to a 50's American diner together and spent fun time (while my husband was working at home alone. lol)

Anyways, a faux brick panel from my previous post became like this on the wall. He attached wooden window trimmings first and put some panels against them. I was keep on painting after I came back from the lunch till the evening. My arm hurts!

I will post a "Before and After" photo when it's done. 

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