Thursday, 26 February 2015

新作、羽のネックレス、というか名札。壁が出来た。A new wing necklace. The wall is done.


It's cloudy today.
I made another version of a wing necklace. I made it spontaneously. Actually what I had planed to make was kind of my name tag because people have difficulty to call my name correctly here. I think it could be nice with your favourite word too.


There are many more things I made on this page so please click the link below and check them out.
Well, I don't think that many people even read this blog though. Just in case.

Something Nice by Shawn and Nozomi

Close up


This is a heart shaped locket that I found at a neighbour beads shop yesterday. I was looking for this kind of thing for a while for putting a picture of my beloved cat whom passed away last year. I set it like this with a beads flowery ball.


And the wall was finally set! Well, we were just finished putting faux brick panels on the wall and still have to go more details such as paint retouching, moulding, window shatters and so on so on. It looks nice already though. 

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