Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekend, My father's birthday, food. 週末。父の誕生日。食べたもの。


Look at the blue sky! Beautiful Saturday which managed to clear Vancouver as Raincouver's name.


I appreciated my luck for living in such a beautiful rural. Birds are singing hard.


It was in Friday night, our family, except my brother who had a bad cold, gathered for my father's 84th birthday celebration. We chose a trendy Japanese restaurant called Shirakawa in Gastown. 


May be because I am greedy for food? lol, I always start digging into dishes without taking pictures of them. The night was as well. So here is a only one photo of pork belly. The image of the restaurant is borrowed. Over all taste was a bit better than mediocre. Not toooo bad but not wow good. However, we had a good time together and my dad appeared to be happy to me. So everything was fine.


We went back to parents' condo after dinner for a tea time. I brought the cake from my near Blacksmith bakery cafe all the way to Vancouver. The cake was Victoria sponge cake. Since it was very simple, I toped fresh raspberries to decorate it. Yummy!
My dad looks younger and is still alive and kicking! play around with my mom. So I believe that he will be enjoining 20 more year of his fantastic life. I'm happy and grateful to that. 

また土曜日にもどって。これは私たち、特に夫の大のお気に入りのメニュー、キリシャ料理のサガナキです。コキットラムのIKEAに行った帰りに寄った、その近所のギリシャ料理屋にて。Graviera, Kefalograviera, や Kefalotyri などのハードチーズをフライパンで多めのオイルで焼き、サーバーが目の前で、たぶんブランデー、をかけて火を着けフランベします。レモンをしぼって頂きます。美味しい!ビールやワインが進んでしまうではないか!火がブワッとでるドラマチックな瞬間なんて写真には撮れません。

Well, return to Saturday...this is Saganaki in Greek cuisine which is our, especially my husband's favourite. We went to IKEA coquitlam and then stop by a near Greek restaurant for dinner. Sakanaki is a pan fried hard cheese such as Graviera, Kefalograviera, or Kefalotyri. It's very tasty and you want some nice beer or wine with. It is usually flambeed at the table and it is very entertaining. You squeeze lemon right before you eat. Off course I missed the picture of the moment of flambeed so...


Here it is. I borrowed it.


The main dishes we had were PorkSouvlaki and Mediterranean chicken and they were very good as Saganaki. You know, I forgot to take pictures of them as well.

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