Wednesday, 18 March 2015

セントパトリックスデーの夜、パブにて。Night on St. Patrick's day at a pub.

I'm Japanese though. lol

昨日はセントパトリックスデーでした。日本では馴染みのなかったアイルランドのお祭り(祝日)で、St. Patrickの命日です。この日はクローバーのデザインや緑色の物を身につける習慣があります。バンクーバーのダウンタウンではパレードも行われます。夕方まではすっかり忘れていたのですが、それを口実にパブへ夕食に行く事にしました。緑の物を持っていない私たちはそのままの出で立ちで。言い出しっぺは私ですが、夫はなにげに嬉しそうです。

It was St. Patrick's day yesterday. I had forgotten till the evening though. I made is as an excuse to go to a pub for dinner and convinced my husband, however, he looked more excited than me for the idea. We didn't have anything in green so we went there as is. 

昨日駅舎の花の写真を載せましたが、Fort Pubで私たちが座った席の壁に、同じ場所を1920年に取った写真が飾られていました。歴史を感じますね〜。今この駅には電車は来ませんが、そのすぐ脇に大陸を行き来する貨物列車の通る線路があります。

I posted my photo of the old station yesterday, and I found a photo that was taken at the same location in 1920, on the wall of the pub. It's well preserved! This station is no longer used but freight trains of Canadian Pacific Railway is running right beside of it now.


It was also Canucks' game night so the pub was packed. Bunch of people were wearing something green and some drunk green beer. (I personally think that green beer is yucky! lol) I wondered how Canucks green men were busy last night. Servers' costumes were also fun to look at. 


I chose a Celtic club house sandwich from the special menu of the day. Shrimp salad, bacon and avocado were is in. Very tasteful! My hubby ordered a regular club house sandwich. Beer was ruby ale instead of Guinness. 


Next round was with Bailey's coffee. My husband's one was Kahlua coffee liqueur and Sambuca besides. And our dessert was a very yummy cookie ice-cream sandwich. It was difficult to split so we simply bit it and share. Very satisfying dinner.  

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