Friday, 27 March 2015

キッチン改装ちょっと進み。絵を描く。Small progress of kitchen renovation. Painting.


It's very warm, around 18 degrees here yesterday and today. Our Cotoneaster which usually bloom in April has been already in full bloom now. It's smell so nice.


The under sink cabinet was done. And the gaps both side of sink was filled! Now it looks clean and nice! 


We exchanged light fixtures too. An old office like fluorescent light was around there before. We moved outlet to over the island and attached this retro-ish light fixture. Actually we attached the same one with only-one-light version to above the sink but a glass shade was broken. We are waiting for the new one arrives. Nothing goes very smooth. Sigh.


Well, I have been working on some commissions gratefully, and finally ready to paint too. I will be keep on painting for a while from now. I'm a painter!  Of course I'm going to make some jewelry which are also commissions. It's good balance to have different works and good for a change. 


I have done with a small paint for a memory of the dog. I hope the owner loves it.

Please take a look at the link below. A lot of pieces we made are there.

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