Monday, 30 March 2015

ムースケーキ作った。バンクーバーへ。I made a mousse cake. Went to Vancouver


We went to Vancouver downtown on Saturday. I needed to deliver commissions to my clients and also we had my sinter-in-law's birthday dinner at my parents place in the evening. 
The picture was Coal harbour where I used to live. I love living Fort Langley but since I was grew up in Tokyo and My parents house has been in Vancouver downtown for over 20 years, -I lived in downtown for 8 years- I still missed that atmosphere. I was, well, still is, an urban girl. 

We had a lunch at Cardero's. 

His prosciutto and gorgonzola cheese pizza, and my oyster burger. 


In the evening, we got together at my patents' for the potluck party. Members were parents, brother's family, brother's wife's brother's family and us, 8 adults and 5 children. Despite living out of Japan, I appreciate my fortunate to have my family around. We enjoyed hand cone sushi, Tonkatus, which is deep fried pork and Oden, Japanese traditional stew for dinner. 


I was responsible for a birthday cake. I made a matcha and aduki bean mousse cake form Friday. It' was more complicated than I thought actually. At first, I made a concoction by food processor for a sponge cake since I didn't have a hand mixer, and that made a sponge cake harder. Then for mousse mixture I added more milk to increase amount, and that made it too runny. Since my cake mold bottom was removable, I worried that if the mixture leaks. So I put a piece of saran wrap as a liner and that made a mousse surface wrinkled and ugly. A sponge cake was supposed to be a bottom of a cake but it floated in the middle. Top surface turned out that creamed down instead of being clear smooth green. Sign. Anyway, I decorated it with fresh raspberries and that made the cake looked better -it was a bit like a Christmas cake though- . And taste was't bad at all so people enjoyed having it. Phew! I should give myself revenge very soon. May be with a different flavour then.

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