Thursday, 2 April 2015

特に何もしなかった一週間、明日からイースターの連休。I did nothing special in this eek so far. Easter long weekend is coming.


I've been not really well since Sunday. It happens sometimes. not severe at all though. Photos were all what I could see in my small world...Not! lol.
Anyway, that tells how I was lazy in this week. 


a corner of the living room without crown moulding is incomplete looking. I painted clock hands in pale blue-grey to make them more noticeable. They were black originally.


Because I wasn't feeling perfect or even a bit grumpy, my hubby gave them to me. How cute they are! (or he was! lol)


It hailed once in the begging of this week. The photo was a roof of a shed of next door. It was so noisy. The spring weather is such a unstable thing like my autonomic nerve. Lol!


On the other day, one of my Japanese friends asked me that how it feels like that I've been living with almost only speaking in English in my daily life. Hm... actually I don't think what language I am using at every moment. What I am trying is just better communications. I Also don't think in which languages I read when I obtain information. May be because I am just concentrating the substances  rather than languages. I'm not a English language expert nor fluent english speaker as my mother tongue. The fact is language means communication to live, to play to adapt to me. I take this matter different from "Study English" idea especially not as the way Japanese people think. That might be the key to adjust in the foreign languages quickly. By the way, I started to speak English in my 40's. I'll talk about this topic more later on. 


The easter long weekend is about starting! Many people will have 4 days off form Good Friday to Easter Monday. Alright, I will get over this laziness and enjoy this beautiful spring time too. You have a great long weekend! 

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