Friday, 24 April 2015

この花何? 昨日見た映画。What's this flower? A movie I watched last night.


It's raining. So I haven't gotten out at all as well. This scene is form my window. There is a big flower tree with a bunch of white flowers right cross my place. Do you know what is this? if so, please let me know to post a comment here.


As soon as I said so the rain has stopped  an sun came out. I went out and took this close up pic. Now you can tell what is this, right?


My peonies under the rain. One of them is pink mysteriously.


Last night while my husband was playing Volleyball, I watched a movie on Netflix by myself.

サンペンスのカテゴリーから何となく選んだこれ、 「パセンジャーズ」。全く期待していなかったので、思いがけなく良かったです。







I choose this, "Passengers" without any thoughts. Actually I liked it maybe because I didn't have any expectation from it.

Summery is...

"A grief counselor working with a group of plane-crash survivors finds herself at the root of a mystery when her clients begin to disappear."
(From IMDb)

First of all, the location of this movie was all in Vancouver. It happens very often but still so much fun to find the scenes where I'm familiar with, behinds those famous actors. Street names and license number of cars are usually changed as American ones but they can't change the sign of buses' destinations which driving around in the back ground. So you can identify the place if you know the city. Anyways, how beautiful Vancouver is!

Second reason why I liked this movie is because of Eric plated by Patric Wilson. He looked alike the guy a was seeing for a short time before, lol. It's so personal. 

Anyways, I thought of it as a suspenseful movie because I picked it from the category at first but it turned out that was more fantasy or spiritual movie then suspenseful to me. Made in 2008.

Check it out!


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