Sunday, 12 April 2015

想定外の土曜日、ネイティブカナディアンの戦い。Unexpected Saturday, Fight together with First nations.


The season goes so fast, and flower's life is so short...
Well, the peony I mentioned 3 days ago is like this in this morning. It will be white when it opens but now a huge pale pink bud is about to bloom.


For Friday dinner, I cooked pork chop. We hardly eat big chunk of meat at home though. It was marinated with fresh sage, rosemary and mint from our yard, and with garlic and olive oil too. Garnish was brussels sprout, zucchini, bell pepper and Japanese sweet potato roast. They roasted all together in the oven in the same oven sheet. It was so easy (lazy?) but looked gorgeous, and tasted great! Sweetness of the Japanese sweet potato instead of regular potato was actually good match with pork chop. 



It was Saturday morning, I got a text message from my University friend. He said that he and his wife were having breakfast at the diner at the conner of our village. And invited me to joint the rally against pipeline with Kwantlen tribe which was happening from noon here in Fort Langley. 

The picture was the small church which I usually take a picture form this side of the river. I haven't  crossed the bridge to get the reservation of Kuwantlen ever. There was a meeting place for the rally there so I was curious to get there.

私たちが到着した時にはデモ行進が出発する所でした。This is our home: Fort Langley No Pipeline March and Rally.これが今回の行進のテーマ。BC州では今大きな問題になっている石油パイプラインの拡張工事の反対運動です。お隣のアルバータ州から湧き出る原油を、ロキー山脈を切り抜け、私たちのBC州の太平洋に待ち受けるタンカーまでパイプラインで運び、輸出するルートを拡大するためには多くの手つかずの自然を破壊して行くのは目に見えています。もちろん多大な利益が生まれ、潤う人達も多くいる事でしょう。街、国の発展を!という見方もあるか思います。私はそれほど強い政治的立場を持って物を言う立場ではありませんが、自分の本能と話しをする様にこの事柄を思った時、居場所を失った野生動物達や、汚されゆく海、奪われて行く先住民達の歴史や伝統をイメージして身震いする事を禁じ得ませんでした。理屈抜きで悲しかったのです。私たちの住む地域は元々クワンタリン族のもの。彼らは他の部族と同様に、BC州のカナダの自然を守るために戦っています。

When we got there, the march was about to leave so we joined them immediately. The rally was called "This is our home: Fort Langley No Pipeline March and Really." It has been big controversial in BC that the Kinder Morgan has been trying to expand there pipeline for petroleum from Alberta to Vancouver port cut through rocky mountains and our beautiful province. That way will obviously ruin many valuable nature, animal lives, native people's lands and beautiful ocean. I'm not really political person and I know that that will be beneficial for some people and they will try to convince us that the pipeline makes our life richer and easier. However, when I picture that the pipelines ripe our mother nature up, my heart cries.  Simply scared. 
Our community was originally owned by Kwantalen tribe so I, newcomer to the land, followed their way and fight together.


My friend who invited me to the rally is an artist and also an activist. In the march, the singing voices  of Kwantlen and their drums sounded in my heart deeply, and guided us to walk through in the village. I thought their features were similar to us, Asian including us, Japanese. So their sound was kind of nostalgic to me and also powerful enough to shake my core. 


We reached the community hall the end of the march and drums seemed like never stop beating. The rally was peaceful. That made us even more emotional. I thinks that our mother earth doesn't accept our human ego any longer. We have to change otherwise we will have no promised future for us. 


The flowers which I didn't know were very beautiful just beside of the community hall. It was a great day.

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