Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ノスタルジックなグロサリー。キッチン改装またちょっと進む。A nostalgic grocery shop. Another small progression of Kitchen renovation.


The photos of Fraser river was from a couple of days ago.
I couldn't do anything special in the Easter long weekend after all due to my bad health condition. I originally have mild asthma and mild cold I got became trigger of asthma attack. My medicine ran out so I spent a difficult night on Friday. I got a medicine in the morning of Saturday and finally relieved my coughing. However, it turned out that the side effects of medicine was unpleasant such as trembling hands, fatigue, racing heartbeat. Artists cannot survive with trembling hands. lol.

So, I just went out a bit to near buy shops. A squirrel jumped in front of our house.

This flower tree which I don't know the name was so vivid in the garden of the art gallery.

そして近所のとってもノスタルジックなグロサリーカフェ。Veggie Bob's Grocery Cafe.

And the photos were a near by grocery cafe, called Veggie Bob's Grocery Cafe.
A small shop where has eat-in corner too had actually great selection of organic food and stuff. 
The atmosphere is like "a granny used to run in a small country village". Here it was!
Well, the owner of the shop was Bob, the old guy who knows everything of this small, old village.


The first time I had a sandwich there and it was beyond my expectation. How come such a simple vegetarian sandwich tasted so rich? Special cheese? Yummy! So we got some same old cheddar cheese which was used for the sandwiches. This village is interesting and can't see the bottom yet.


Well, the kitchen of ours got another small progression to go. My husband worked so hard while I was resting in the bed. A window frame was attached and tiles were started to lay. Half upper opening was the space for floating open shelves. I can't wait to have my new kitchen complete. Go hubby, go! lol

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