Tuesday, 14 April 2015

春の町は美しい。夫の作品再び。The village is beautiful in spring. My husband pieces again.


Ahhh, Aroma of coffee is filled in my place right now and it makes me feel happy.  I just came back form getting my favourite coffee. I introduced it before here but it was a nearby coffee roaster,  where Japanese Canadian guy own,  called Republica. It's organic and fair trade. 
In the middle of weekday so no one was in the picnic area.


I'm not a tourist anymore so I don't need to take pictures of the village every time I go out, but you know what? I just simple can't help doing that because it's breathtaking in the spring. Even a grave yard is so beautiful like somewhere in Europe. 

There are many of those old pretty houses in the village like this.


Change the subject. My husband has been making this, a partition for between a kitchen and a living room. It's supposed to hide the side of a fridge. We bought a couple of cast iron grilles at the antique shop. This is still just layout and he is going to put them together from now. I'm responsible for painting on it. I'm planing to make it rustic by using cottage chalk pains and distress it a bit later. 


And this. My husband was suddenly baked some cookies a night before last night. He is even more health conscious than me so they were of course very healthy ones with gluten free recipe. 
It was simple as like put a can of chick peas, non sweeten peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract and backing powder in a food processor, mixed then put some chocolate chips. And bake them in the oven. All ingredients were organic. 
Texture was not like cookie to me because it was moist, soft and bit gooey. However, it taste like Japanese sweet especially like Nerikiri which is Japanese sweet been paste. I liked them very much. Try! 

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