Thursday, 16 April 2015

ピオニー咲いた。アボカド水栽培もう一度。カラフル夕ご飯。Peony blossom. Avocado hydroponics again. Colourful dinner.

One flower of peony has bloomed! It's my hand full size.


Last evening, it was like this. A pale pink bud is mysteriously in bloom as a white flower today. 
I had a one flower last year too but the same time my beloved cat was very sick so I wan't able to enjoy the flower. When he was gone in early May, the flower was gone too. So I think that these 4 flowers of peony in this year are send by him as his gifts for me.


I have posted about my avocado pits before but they were failed to sprout. I'm gonna try it out again. My husband  is crazy about avocado though. lol


Last time was like this, I just stuck tooth picks to support a pit on the water but when the water evaporate even a bit, a pit expose above the water. That would be a cause of failure. So...


I made special holders like this at this time. A pit can be stay in the water. Will see again, lol.



Dinner last night I cook was so colourful. It's been a while to make beet pesto. It's easy and delicious!
You wrap beets by piece of aluminum foils and put them into the oven. (425F about 50min). Peel them and put them into a food processor together with walnuts, garlic, lemon juice, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Blend them as paste. Mix it into your choice of pasta, quinoa, rice or so. 
I added some cashew nuts and aged cheddar cheese too into yesterday's one. My pasta was organic kamut penne which I believe better than white pasta. I put a lot of sliced of yellow bell pepper in the salad and some left over green smoothy as our drink. 

By the way, when my husband looked up at me as eating the pasta, I noticed that his lips were very pink, well magenta like lipstick on as a drag queen. I was almost bursted out laughing. Be careful ;)



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