Thursday, 30 April 2015

手作りジュエリーと効果ありのローション。Hand made jewelry and effective hand made face lotion.


3 things of my hand-made here.
A gorgeous necklace for  a commission.  It's made of glass pearl beads and silver plated wire. This design is kind of spontaneous. Thinking which way the wire should go and should tangle as building it so every time is deferent. Well, it a one of the kind! 


Those simple pair of earrings are kind of a experiment. I happened to buy some earring chain/pins like them, so I wanted to use them somehow. The rings were so small so it was a bit difficult to handle them. However, in this case I'm lucky to be super nearsighted. I can see small things very well when they are very close to my eyes. On the other hand, when I look up, I can't even find my tools on the desk! lol.



This is also hand made thing. I use this lotion literally head to toe. I have a dry and sensitive skin so I used to use very expensive facial cosmetic line and I needed also good ones for my body. However, I find it's effective even better and the cost would be 1% -well may be less- form my former facial cream.

 I make it in the small bottle twice a week. The ingredient is, 3 quarter of that bottle of distil water or infused organic rooibos tea (or even green tea),  organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine, and your choice of essential oils. I regularly use few drops of Lavender witch is powerful anti-inflammatory, and Neroli for hormone balance, and sometimes adding up Cypress for firming and/or Camomile for atopic skin condition, and/or rose for soothing skin and psychologically too and so on. 

It's not like "natural means safe".  Actually many of plants' substances work as poisons and can be cause of allergic reactions. So you have to learn well and chose ingredients wisely and find right amount of them for your skins. If you can make it, it's supposed to work very well. 

Anyways, I personally believe that the method is much better than using some mass products which contains a lot of chemicals and preservatives. Well, the best part of it is maybe easy for your wallet. lol.


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