Monday, 4 May 2015

週末お家リノベーション。A part of house renovation in the weekend.


Thanks god! another beautiful weekend again. One scenery,  right in front of our house,  from a different angle.


My husband was painting on a iron grill at the yard, as sun bathing, and as talking to his mom on the phone. Multi-tasked. lol


Meanwhile, I was painting these things, wooden shutters for a window in the bed room. I tried to pain them like belonging to a country cottage or a beach house or so, a distressed manner. I will write about materials,  paints and the way when I post a complete product photo soon.


Another hubby's creation. A charcuterie/cheese platter dinner for 2. It's simple but always no mistakingly delicious. 


I just made this one impulsively. This like of thing happens to me sometime without no plan and no intention. I hardly make rings though. 


It's bit too girly for myself but I assume that it would be very good on someone else. I actually not the person who wear a lot of  jewelry regularly despite being a jewelry maker. lol. If I can make someone happy, that would be my pleasure. 

So, I got many more stuff in this link below. Please visit if you fare interested in my work (and my husband work). And please feel free to tell me your thoughts and of course I'm happy to make something for you! 


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