Monday, 18 May 2015

3連休。ファーマーズマーケット。Long weekend. Farmers' market


It's a Victoria day long weekend. We went to a farmers' market in Fort Langley which has just started from last Saturday. It took only 5 min on foot from our place.

We expected some fresh veggies but...

most shops there were hand crafts. We hope much more veggies coming for the summer.


We stopped by Little White House for lunch but it was packed. So just peek at the boutique side.

Pretty french country style which I'm aiming at our house renovation.



I saw another french style of flower shop in the village. I wanted one bouquet but decided not to till the renovation is done.


We visited our friends' new born baby in the evening. So tiny and pretty. She is going to be a gorgeous girl soon.

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On Sunday...

It was very nice wether so we sat on the liver side cafe, Lelem, for our late lunch.


This cafe makes good efforts to use local fresh ingredients and most of them are organic. They tasted great. We had a pulled pork flat bread and turkey club house.

A bunch of people were hanging out on the beach of the river bank.

We found a beautiful place on the way back from City Langley where we got some craft beers.

そして今年初の内の庭で外飲み。ビールはオンタリオのIPA. つまみは生ハムメロンとチーズ2種とトマト。緑色のはセージチーズ。

We decided to drink in our yard the first time in this year. Beer was IPA from Ontario, and Prosciutto onto cantaloupe, and cheese. Green one was Sage cheese.


Sunset was at 8:50. That time on the pic was around 8. Warm and comfortable. Perfect season for doing this. A rhododendron was so vivid.


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