Thursday, 7 May 2015

あれから1年。ホワイトロックにて。It's been a year since then. In White Rock.


Time flashes by. It's been a year since then. I'm getting used to live a life without him.
We got a plane and flew over the Pacific together to Canada 10 years ago. Without him I couldn't have gotten over those difficult times. I miss him so much. I'm going to love him forever. 


After 3 months of grieving, I was be able to move on by painting that image of him. It was so natural to me and so lucky to be an artist. 
But it's not even for artists If someone is suffering from pet loss, I strongly recommend to paint their images. It works. 


I picked some buttercup flowers from our yard for him. they are just weed but still so pretty.


After my husband came back from work, we went to White Rock for Nico the cat's 1 year anniversary's dinner. It was 6:30 and bright like this at the patio of our favourite, Uli's restaurant.

ちなみにこれは、バンクーバー島、ビクトリアの醸造所、ドリフトウッドから。ここのビールは本当にどれも美味しいのですが、私達の好みはホップの香りと苦みの強いIPA(インディアンペールエール)と呼ばれるカテゴリーで、これはその中でも珍しい、生のホップを使ったIPAです。なので、ホップの収穫時期に限られた数しか出荷されないらしい。シトラスの様なフルーティーな香りです。Sartori Harvest IPA by Drift wood Brewery.

Actually we come here the same day in last year, after we farewelled my cat at a vet because I didn't want to go back home without him. We sat the patio of the same restaurant and had the same beer. 

The beer was amazingly good back then and last night too. We are IPA lover but this one is out standing among them to us. It's from Driftwood brewery, Victoria, Vancouver island, called Sartori Harvest IPA.
Specialty of this beer is wet hopps. So only in the season of hop harvest, they produce this beer in  limited amount. It's very tasty, fruity and fresh.


By the way, the heart shaped necklace in the picture of beer above is a locket and my Nico's pic in it.


From the left, bison carpaccio, crab cakes, and spinach salad. They were all so good!


Sunset last night was about 8:30 so it was still bright after dinner. We took a walk to the pier.


Mt. Baker in U.S.A. on the other side of ocean was always magnificent. 
Very nice evening.


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