Tuesday, 10 March 2015

いつもと違うお家ご飯。Different menu for dinner at home


This morning was in the deep fog. In the usual way it was getting sunny from noon. Cherry blossom in vivid pink was almost full bloom.
It was good talking with my friend under the cherry tree beside the river for a while.


I cooked a littler different dish for dinner at home last night. It was grilled pork chop stuffed with apple, sage and cheddar cheese,  and Garlic mushed potato fresh rosemary topping on the side.  I think that pork and apple combination is common here in Canada but I haven't tasted it in Japan. The sourness of apple (I used a granny smith) complimented the richness of pork well. I picked some sage leaves and a rosemary bunch form our yard so they were very aromatic and fresh. 
Actually we don't eat meat so much at home usually but I am planing a bit different menus form now for a while to go against spring allergy problem with intake lack of sugar including carbs and more protein. Taking enough amount of vegetables are as well. This is not a diet for control your weight. 


The salad was our usual way with colourful veggies, seeds and nuts. Seasoning was simple as just salt, pepper, olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. That one was by my hubby. 

The last photo is my friend daughter with cherry flowers on her hair. How lovely.

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