Monday, 16 March 2015

花、パブフード、お家改装。FLowers, pub food, renovation.


It's Monday. The weather is not too bad. It's getting brighter toward late afternoon. I found the beauty of contrast of green and blue on my way to a super market. 


The weekend weather was a bit unstable but it was warm as well so many flowers were getting bloom. A big tree of pink magnolia was in the yard of 2 doors away. 

A small tree of white magnolia was in front of next door. 



It was on Saturday evening we found the big cherry blossoms on a street where 7 minutes drive away from us.


The density of cherry flowers were amazing.

そして向かった先はホームデポ。お家改装は続きます。そしてついでの夕食はラングレー市内のパブ、Original Joe'sで。決めては私たちお気に入りのビール、Drift wood brewing のFat tug IPAが置いてある事。そして食べ物も悪くないんです。その夜の私たちのオーダーは典型的なパブフード。よく働いた後は、多少のジャックフードは良しとします。

And we went to Home depot for our house renovation again, then went to Original Joe's in Langley  for dinner. The reason we choose the pub was that because they had Fat tug IPA from Drift wood brewing on tap, which was our favourite beer. And food was also good there. That night our choices were typical pub food. We allowed ourself to eat such things because we worked hard all day :)



They were irresistible anyways. That was a Mac & cheese with bacon. Yummy!


And of course we got a poutine too. In case you don't know what's that, that is Canada's signature food which is french flies, cheese curds and gravy on top. What a sinful food! So yummy!
Why the photo was so closed up, was because we started to eat before I took a picture as well. Haha.


The last one was a steak salad. As a tiny, helpless resistance, we picked balsamic vinaigrette instead of blue cheese dressing. Pub food was guilty pleasure. 


We spent most of time on weekend for house renovation as well as every weekend. We were fixing around many small details of all over the house. My office was very close to the end. The duct for the range hood come form the other side of the wall through to my office. And we covered it like this so we finally were able to attache crown mouldings then. After that, only shelving is remain to completion. I'll post some pictures later when it's done.

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