Tuesday, 17 March 2015

一歩進んで2歩下がる的な...。Progress, regress.


Today's Fraser river. It was a bit cloudy but sun peeked out sometimes and warm as well.  I sweat slightly as walking outside. 


Blossoms beside the old station was pretty amazing. 


Dinner last night was cabbage rolls. It was nothing special but I just wanted to take a picture of that "first time using my new and pretty plate, yay!" moment.


I'm feeling like him in the picture now. lol. 
This was taken on the bottom of a kitchen under-sink cabinet without doors attached yet, where the light cast through a drain, which has no plumbing yet, like a spot light! Ha! lol. It looks a bit sad to me. Anyways the kitchen countertop, that was installed once before and made me ecstatic, was gone in this morning because the radius of opening for the sink was wrong.

This was it. It was such a small thing but my hubby, especially, couldn't tolerate it. He insisted that the guy, who came to measure for a countertop,  guaranteed accuracy.


I realized it when installation was done and I thought it was too late. And I was kind of a bit pushover so I gave up on it at that time. However, my hubby calmed it and they agreed to fix it. That's good but still feel sad to see that it have to start from square one once again. 
It's better than being regretted later though. Renovation is such a thing.

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