Monday, 23 March 2015

夫の才能。食べたもの。今日の庭。How skillful my husband is. What we eat. Our yard today.


It's a bit chilly today, however, the spring is going on. Since we moved into here, we haven't taken care of our plants so much. Despite of that, look at the flowers! I think that that is Willow Leaf Cotoneaster which usually bloom in April. 


And that one is Peony. When my husband gave it to me 3 years agao, it was a tiny plant. Surprisingly, they have gotten 4 buds now. White single layered flowers will bloom soon! 
I would like to re-plant them into the right location in our yard hopefully soon.


Well, the photo is our Saturday brunch at Lamplighter where is called a hidden gem in the village. Their food tasted natural and genuine and of course yummy!


On our way back home from brunch, we stopped by a super market and what we found was fresh English peas in the pods, the first things for this spring for me. So I decided to cook them for dinner as  spanish potato salad, with fresh sage and rosemary from our yard. Another thing was a avocado shrimp salad with other left over veggies and seeds. It was easy dinner for a weekend night. 


The highlight of the weekend was that water finally ran to the kitchen since we moved into this house 3 months ago! Well, we had a old kitchen with useable sink originally but it was old and dim where even had no stove and no proper cabinets. So we removed everything and my husband installed all new -appliances rare used- by himself. However, it took longer than we thought due to the products availability. When it came to the countertop, it took 5 weeks to install after we ordered. And once it was installed -as I wrote here the other day- but it turned out that the cut of radius along with the corners of sink was wrong. It was removed and re-installed on last Friday. 
So it was finally time for plumbing and my husband again successfully managed! And also a lazy suzan was installed in the conner cabinet which is extremely useful, and the doors too. Only under sink cabinet doors are left behind form things to do for under kitchen counter. 
I'm so ecstatic that I don't have to be back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom anymore for cooking! 


Since our kitchen is small, we are thinking of a good system to store things efficiently. This is one of them. I requested my husband for a paper towel holder which doesn't take any counter space out. Here it is! He used iron water pipes and welded them together and attached it on the side of the island. Also the side of island was by him where was cover by bead-board because original surface of side was cheap looking of plywood . Now it's match to our style of country cottage kitchen. Without his skills our house renovation couldn't have done at all. Impressive! 


And again how his is dexterous! Since I just said that we needed a new cutting board, he brought one thick board out of a shad, which he bought for a dollar form a flee market last summer, and insisted that he was going to make it. Then at no time he made 2 different size of cutting boards out of it. Small one even has a handle! How lucky I am!


A bigger picture of kitchen so far. We are going to move on to "above countertop" things from now. White subway tiles backsplash is coming form counter to ceiling and following by wooden open shelving on top. A range hood will be covered by white wood with country style design. Before that we have to finish covering old ceiling by bead-boards.


What was I doing then? Well, I have been a bit busy as an artist with some commissions instead of having jobs as a graphic designer lately. One pair of slippers are almost done and about moving on to a dog's painting following by another dog's painting, 2 necklaces and a big cityscape painting. I'm so lucky again and grateful! Life is beautiful! 

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