Tuesday, 3 March 2015

奇麗な景色。手作りの物。Breathtaking scenery. Hand craft.


It was Fraser river in last evening. My husband come back home without reading the text message I sent for asking him to pick some groceries. So we walked together to a neighbourhood supermarket and then we found this scenery. Lucky! And we impulsively stopped by a pub for dinner. Of course we had a beer too even though it was Monday evening.


Since my office/work shop is so small and no room for a big easel, I asked my hubby to put this thing on my wall. I can paint a quite big canvas on it like this then. It's pretty inventive, huh? By the way, the painting on the picture is my cat I painted last year.


I made a couple of simple pins. They are kind of spin off from other project for my friend. I needed to hide bleach stains on my favourite shirt. I think it's not so noticeable anymore Don't you think so?

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