Tuesday, 24 March 2015

ランチの後に。豆腐クリーム。手編みのスリッパ。After the lunch. Tofu cream. Crochet slippers.


The weather is getting better. After we, my friend and her little daughter and I, had lunch together at a cafe, we went down to the river for a short time. The reflection of clouds were beautiful. 


I made a burdock salad last night. Instead of using mayonnaise, I tossed tofu cream in. When you whip a tofu by a hand mixer till it become creamy, distinctive soy bean flavour is going to fade. I added a little amount of olive oil, garlic powder, lemon juice, salt and pepper. My husband, who is not big fan of tofu, also enjoyed it. I think it's useful!  


The slippers I posted yesterday were done. I wish the person who order them like them. Thank you so much! 
If you are interested in what my husband and I are making, please visit the link above. There are a bunch of stuff there. And feel free to drop a PM on the page or even here :)

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