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お家改装、小物編2。作った物、買ったもの。What we made, what we bought for house.


I added some plants for interior. I was looking for some perfect pot/planter but I couldn't find them. So I got some basic ones and modified them by myself. 


The left pic is before and the right is as after pic. When we went to the local artist's private reclaimed furniture  sale, we found some good things. This is one of them for 3 dollars! 
I painted it with white acrylic paint. Bush mark was intentionally remained. And I wove straw-ish organic rope around its handles.


Another simple metal bucket was found in a nursery for $12. I designed a logo and transfer it with a carbon paper on top on musking tape attached onto the bucket beforehand. And cut it out by a X-acto knife, peel excess away. Painted acrylic white rightly with dry bush over taped letters. Peel them after it dried. SOMETHING NICE is our art studio name. 


We planted a tiny avocado tree which we brought a pit to sprout by hydroponic in the first pot. 

And for another one, assorted plants were planted.


And another project. I asked my husband to make a perfect size of a wooded box, kind of like a wine crate,  for the kitchen counter. And again, I designed a logo for it and transferred it onto the box. This time I burnt letters by the special wood burning tool instead of painting it. It was bit difficult because there were some soft parts and hard parts in the wood. However, it was not too bad for the first attempt. My hand was sore though. 


I set it like this. We are going to put some veggies and fruits in it if they don't need to be refrigerated. 
I have done with some typography projects in a row but as a professional graphic designer, they should be good and easy for me...? lol. 

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ 

From here is some things we bought. 


I have planed to put only transparent stuff and plants right in front of the window on the kitchen shelf. So I was looking for nice ones and I finally found them at Homesence. They were very reasonable price! but they look good in our kitchen. 


And a acorn shaped jar on the right was also found at the reclaimed furniture sale for $4. It's a white porcelain jar and the metal leaf handle atop of a wooden lid. Next to it was a also porcelain biscotti container that I bought long time ago. But the other day I broke its lid and I was very disappointed. My husband replaced broken porcelain lid to his hand made wooden lid. It looks better than original! And now they are very good together on the shelf. I'm happy. 


These iron shelves are also found at the reclaimed furniture sale for $5 and $6! Unbelievable! I can't wait to attache them! Where should them be!?

さて、最後はイケヤです(笑)。実はこのキッチンアイランドもイケヤなのです。今回買ったのは、メタルの バー スツール2つと、これまたメタルのオールドファションなゴミバケツです。今まで使っていた、濃い色の木と、真っ赤な金属の組み合わせのスツール、高かったし素敵だったんですが、今度のカントリー調のインテリアとは雰囲気が合わず。それに比べてずっと安物ですが、雰囲気は格段に良くなりました。バケツもばっちり。お金がそんなに掛けられなくとも色と方向性さえ妥協しなければ、かなり良い線行くものです。

Well, the last things are from IKEA! lol. Actually the kitchen island is form IKEA too. We bought 2 metal bar stools and a old fashioned metal trash can. We were using dark coloured wood and red metal combination of stools and they were very pretty and were expensive. However, those colours are no longer match to our country style interior. So we replaced then to inexpensive IKEA ones but the over all ambient now is much better with them. The trash can does good job too. Even though you have no big budget for house renovation,  as long as you stick with your colour scheme and your theme, it would be going well. 

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