Wednesday, 23 September 2015

カナディアンロッキーを超えて(3)バンフからカルガリーへ。Road trip (3). Banff to Calgary.


The third day of the trip was started in Banff downtown. The weather improved so I felt so good. Checked out hotel first and went out to the city. 

It seemed to snow over night so the city was sparking. 

Beautiful Bow river ran the edge of downtown. 

As a famous tourists destination, the horse carriage was a must item? 

Bird foot prints remained on the shallow snow. 


We crossed a bridge and walked round for a while. Then I took this picture, toward downtown,  at the second smaller bridge. We crossed it back to downtown. 


Ice glacier water of the river was crystal clear. We got into a cafe and looking around some shops. We peeked in a Christmas shop and the city was cover by slight snow so I felt like I skip all the fall and close to Christmas. And also I enjoyed feeling like I was in some where mountain resort in Europe. 


Good by Banff! I will visit you again, and also would say good by to this Rocky mountain scenery very soon. 


Here it was. We were getting closer to Calgary and the view form our car window became like this. This was also very iconic scenery of Canada, wide open space. 



At first, we stopped by a big shopping mall right outside of downtown Calgary for clothing shopping. It was nothing special from Vancouver but the difference was tax rate. You have to pay PST 7% and GTS 5% in BC but here in Alberta, there was no PTS required, so you would save 7%. The most of line-ups of shops and availabilities were the same in Vancouver and in Calgary so we decided to wait buying stuff till we got Calgary. It was just 7% each we saved but small things pile bigger, right?

Our hotel was in centre of downtown. The room was spacious with a kitchenet  and a living room but the ambiance was like just a business hotel so nothing write about. 


We searched for a nice restaurant for dinner online beforehand and heading toward it as looking around the city. It was bit too chilly to do that though. We just stopped by a small,  pretty park to see those installations, Gigantic rabbit lanterns. 

We saw Calgary tower behind them.


And the restaurant for that night was that, TASTE. It was a tapas bar. Inside of the shop was bit too dark for picture taking so I failed the most of shots, lol. We ordered a Bison tartar, a Macaroni and Cheese,  and a 3 kinds tomato salad. We shared a house made peach ice cream for dessert. 


It was a unique salad with 3 way cooking tomatso together, which were fresh, grilled, and pickled, on top of ricotta cheese. Yummy! Bison was iconic food of Alberta and every thing was so good! 


When you ask for a bill, many restaurant would bring it with candies for you or chocolates sometimes, but here, they gave us a couple of cup cakes. With first one bite (Well, it was a bite size though...) you could tell that it was nicely house made with simple ingredients.  Hmm yummy. It was a great restaurant again. 

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