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カナディアンロッキーを超えて。ロードトリップ(2)。Road trip (2)


It was the second day of our trip. 
We left Revelstoke B.C. in the morning and heading toward Banff A.B.  The views form our car on the highway was getting more rocky. 


Rocky mountain range is about 4,800km, from New Mexico U.S.A. to B.C. Canada. To go to Alberta form our west coast, we had to go over Rocky mountains. 


Since #1 highway in this area was high elevation, the mountains we saw in far away were in the clouds. After few hours driving we paid to enter Yoho national park following by Banff national park continuously. And while we were driving in the park we crossed the provincial border and lost 1 hour due to time difference between B.C. and A.B. 


The first place we visited in Banff national park was Moraine Lake. The weather was getting worse and very chilly, and even snow stated falling. Despite of the bad weather the lake was still beautiful enough to me.

It was around 23 Cº in Revelstoke a day before, so it was difficult to adjust.

I tried to be a right (or typical) tourist like this in front of a souvenir shop. lol

Can you see the snow falling in the picture? We were heading to Lake Louise. 


Even though the weather was unfortunate, look at this! It was still breathtaking. Lake Louise would be the most popular destination in the national parks in Canadian Rocky. I have come here may be twice before and last one was may be 15 years ago in Summer. The lake shinning under the sun was of course strikingly stunning. However, I found that I loved the scene with the very serene and chilly lake in the misty rain. I felt like I was cleansed by the crispy clear air. 
There was the gorgeous hotel called Fairmont Château Lake Louise right in front of the lake but I thought that that was "I wouldn't be able to afford or wouldn't be going to pay that much for a hotel room" kind of place. 


It was too cold to keep on sightseeing so we decided to move to downtown Banff. On the way of it we stopped by a cute restaurant. 


From the window right beside our table, a wooden bear was peeking in. Chipmunks were running around the restaurant but they were too fast to take a picture. Our server told us that she just saw grizzly bears around so we were hopeful to see them, however, we had no luck with any other animal encounters but chipmunks. 


Instead of it, we enjoyed this amazing view though. Because we experienced a chilly winter like snowing/raining day just one day after a nice and mild late summer day, we felt like we flew to somewhere abroad. 


Well, we finally arrived downtown Banff. It's also been 15 years since I came here last time?  It was a beautiful city as well and was bustle with bunch of people. 


By the way, our hotel room was in Banff Park Lodge at that night and it had a big jucuzzi tub right next to a bed instead of in the bath room! lol

Park Distillery Restaurant + Bar です。自家製ウィスキーを作っているお店。ウィスキーを飲むつもりはなかったので、どうかな、と思いましたが、ビールのメニューもなかなかだし、お料理が個性的で美味しかった!

And the restaurant we spontaneously chose for dinner was right place for us!  It was called Park Distillery Restaurant + Bar.  We were not really interested in a distillery at first though. However, they had a good selection of beer too and food was outstanding. 

The interior was also cool. Mountain country style (?) and contemporary style mix. I consider it as very Banff style. 

Distill machines.

私達のオーダーは、ロブスターロールと、マヒマヒの ケバブ+パイナップルソースと、ベリーや梨やナッツが沢山入ったハイカーボールサラダにグリルドチキンを追加したもの。どれもとーっても美味しかったです。

Dishes we ordered were Lobster rolls, Grilled fish kebabs with pineapple sauce, and Hiker bowl salad added grilled chicken. We enjoyed them all!


We came back hotel as shivering with cold air outside so we could't help to be attracted to a fire place in the hotel lounge. We both had Specialty coffee, B-52 with white chocolate infused cream on top! Hmm yummy. 
After that we enjoyed watching movie as soaking in the giant tub in the room.  It was a nice night! 

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