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カナディアンロッキーを超えて(5)恐竜の街、ドラムヘラー。Road trip (5). Dinosaur city, Drumheller.


We stayed at my husband's mom's house in East Coulee for 4 days. Around Drumheller including East Coulee was geologically unique. And a lot of dinosaur's fossils have found form those exposed ancient stratum. We didn't go there in this time but Royal Tyrrell Museum was worth to visit. 


These mushroom shaped rocks were called Hoodoos, which have been subjected to the erosion of wind and rain for thousands of years. 

The layered stratum with old deposits were beautiful.


There was a place very rocky and sandy desert like but another side was a green canyon. Anyways, it was breathtakingly wide.

Even it was like desert but a big river ran through it. It seemed to have more water in this season of the year there. 

When we went to one of the highest hill to watch sunset, we finally encountered wild animals, a herd deers! 


When they jumped to run away from the top of the hill, their cute and very white butts were flickered. 


It was a beautiful colour of the early fall there. The magnificent view made me realized that the earth is sphere. I would never get tired to watch those view. 


We went to such a place next day to find some petrified woods and (or) crystals. Even if you found a dinosaur fossil you can't bring it out of the site anyway. 

My husband was crazy about looking for cool stones so he would be like this all day long if there was nothing else to do. 

We found a bunch of petrified woods!


There looked like just white-ish pieces of wood at the first site but you could tell it was petrified or not when you picked it up because it was heavy. Some of them were partially replaced by crystals (minerals). I could't imagine how old they were. 

さて、ドラムヘラーのダウンタウンはおかしな所。小さなちょっとさびれた田舎街ですが、恐竜が至る所に。これなんか、ティラノサウルスの原寸より大きい?って原寸を知りませんが(笑)。とにかくWorld's Largest Dinosaurって名前らしいです。自由の女神みたいに中へ登れるようです。

Well, The town of Drumheller was such a funny place. It was a small, a bit deserted town though but dinosaurs were everywhere. This one would be bigger than real T-rex? Well, I don't know how big they could be though. Anyway, the name of it was World's Largest Dinosaur, and you could climb up inside of it like the Statue of Liberty.

A fashionable triceratops?

And a handsome Plesiosauria? 

Even someone's hedge was a shape of dinosaur. 

There was a fossil shop too. 

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